Sunday, April 18, 2010

High Heeled Sandals

My childhood years, I lived in a far away province, far from the city. My life was very low maintenance. I did not need much. My clothes were simple. I had cotton pants and shirts for daily activity, and a Vietnamese costume (ao dai) for church or special occasions.

My oldest sister had been in French school for a few years; therefore, she knew how to sew dresses. That was why I had many different ruffled dresses to wear to church sometimes. My shoes were mainly rubber flip flops, plastic moccasins or painted wooden shoes, which I did not like very much because those wooden shoes made a loud noise.

One day, my oldest sister went to Qui Nhon, a big and far away city, where my dad was working since he'd been elected. She came back that evening and brought along with her many things from the city. One of which was my very first pair of brown leather high heels sandals. They were the most amazing thing I had ever seen or had even known existed because I was too young to get to go anywhere outside of my village.

That night I went to bed, not able fall asleep because I was so excited and proud of my new shoes. I could not wait until the morning, so I could show them off to my neighborhood friends. I put my shoes on my bed close to my pillows, so I could touch them. In the dark I could feel every stitch of the leather and felt the golden medal clasp that would hold the straps around my ankles. Especially the smell of leather, It was different, not exactly a very good smell for a little girl. It was kind of bad, but I did not care. I loved my new shoes. I loved everything about them.

I woke up even before the sun was up. My first thought was my new high heels sandals. I jumped out of bed, did my morning routines, brushed my hair and wanted to put on my prettiest ruffle dress to go with my new shoes. I chose my pink striped dress with some embroidered white flowers on the collar and my sleeves, then put on my shoes.

Oh, how wonderful they felt! The softness of the leather under my heels. It was nothing like the hard wooden shoes. I tip toed to my mother's room feeling so happy because my new shoes did not make any noises. My mother was not there. I sneaked into her room to take a peek at myself in her mirror. I looked taller, maybe older, and even prettier. I was satisfied with myself and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

My mom was already in the kitchen. She turned and looked at me. Did she look surprised? I thought so, and I also knew why. She was probably wondering what was up with me to dress like that in the morning. Whatever she was thinking, she did not say it. She just asked me if I wanted sweet rice soup for breakfast. I answered yes without looking at her, for I was kind of embarrassed and knew I looked ridiculous for a normal day. I did not care. I was determined to show off my new shoes.

After breakfast, I went to my front porch and stood on my front steps looking out of the gate, across the road to see if any of my friends were out there, so I could run over to their house. Sadly to say, I stood there all morning, but none of my friends showed up. They were probably doing chores with their families somewhere.

My mother call me in for lunch and told me to change into my uniform and get ready for school. She put her hand on my head, smoothed a few hairs away from my sweating face because of the heat and told me how pretty I looked. She also said, "Perhaps you might want to wear your new shoes this Sunday for church so everybody can see how pretty and tall you are. I bet your friends will be full of envy."

Why didn't I think of Sunday? I jumped off of the chair, hugged my mom, and ran out of the kitchen to go change for school, forgetting that I was wearing my new pair of HIGH heels shoes. I twisted and sprained my ankles.

by Thai Le Nguyen

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