Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vietnamese Torture South Vietnamese Protesters

As we all know, currently Viet Nam does not have much freedom of anything, especially freedom of speech or to express how you feel. 

There is a big movement going on now among the Vietnamese community inside Viet Nam and also here in the United States. We, all the people who believe in freedom are fighting for those who lives in Viet Nam, who  had expressed their feeling toward the goverment of Viet Nam of betraying their own people by giving in to China's requests and actions.  Those people were put in jail for many years, some had been released and have become very ill because of all the beating and torturing; some are still in jail and there is no justice whatsoever. 

Recently this one young man named Viet Khang, had written two songs and sang them himself. The songs were his way of protesting what Viet Nam government are doing to the country's land and its people.  He was captured and  is now in jail.  That's why we are having this petition  here in the United States, collecting signatures from everybody, so we can have a chance to meet with President Obama and the House to ask for help in giving back those people and Viet Khang their freedoms. We were asked by the White House for twenty five thousand signatures for them to be able to considering for us to meet the President.

As of today, we are far exceed from that numbers, last I heard is that we have over ninety five thousand signatures and still going strong till the dead line of March 05.  This is an overwhelming numbers.  I am a Vietnamese who believes in freedom and who loves my Viet Nam, I am glad I had this opportunity to do something for my people. 

I am hoping any of you, who see this and believes in freedom for all people, please do offer your signature for the release of those Vietnamese who are fighting for the freedom and security of Viet Nam by their own life.Thank you all.Thank you Viet Khang, a young person but his patriotism  is an act we all should follow.Chinese Torture South Vietnamese Protesters