Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vietnamese Easter

Lent season is very important to our lives as catholics, especially Holy Week. I remember my mom always had fresh flowers and new white candles on the shrine where we had a cross of Jesus and statues of mother Mary and St. Joseph. During the Holy Week, we would get up really early in the morning, before the sun was up, before we did anything for the day. My family gathered in the room and recited our rosary.

As a child, I did not want to get up so early, but for some reason I looked forward to this event. I guess the sight of the candles lighting up the room is what made me want to be there. I felt the closeness of my family, the warmth and love we had for each other when we prayed for our family to stay strong together, for our country and everything else.

Easter Sunday we went to church. I did not have new spring dress and did not know of Easter egg hunting or candies and rabbits, but I felt happy knowing I still had my family, and my loved ones with me on the particular Easter day.

Each night, we would hear the sounds of the Vietnam War, the guns firing across our village not knowing which one of us would be alive in the morning. Yet Easter celebration was a highlight, something to lift us up briefly. Happy Easter!
By Thai Le

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