Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Comes after "Black April"

The Vietnamese people fled the country during and after 1975 because of the invasion from the north, so we made the month of April  "Black April".  No matter where we are in the world, April is a mourning month for us.  The last day of the month: April 30th is the day we all get together at the community where we live to remember, to mourn, pray, appreciate and reflect.  This year is no different;  I came to the site where we have the memorial ceremony.  The sight of my beloved Freedom Flags and the songs people were singing brought tears to my eyes.  A chilling sensation runs through my body whenever I hear these songs and see these flags.

I think there were more young people attending this year.  This moved me so much, for I always hope that the next generation will realize the importance of their involvement in the fight for our Viet Nam and its true freedom.  For the people of Viet Nam one day will have rights and happiness, and also one day we all would be able to go back and rebuild our country.

In remembering the saddest day of our lives, I would like to join my people everywhere in mourning, saluting and praying for all the soldiers, people who have died for my country and because of my country. This includes my dad and my mom for all their sacrifices in their life for my safety.

Happy Mother's Day!

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