Saturday, September 18, 2010

Death Reflection and a Dream of Peace

The front of my house in Bong Son had a porch with painted rails.  The top of the rail was wide enough for me to sit or lie on.  In the early morning I liked to like lie on it, so I could feel the coolness of the cement base on my back and enjoy the early morning sun.  One morning I was lying there feeling the sun and dreaming who knows what at that age.  I heard my oldest sister's voice calling for me. Her voice was loud and somewhat hysterical.  I did not want anything to disrupt my dreamy morning, so I decided to ignore her calling me.

After a while, I decided to run to the back of the house. There I saw my sister  kneeling on the ground beside the rabbits' cage and our dogs were there, too.  I was terrified at the sight and realized that our rabbits were having babies  and the cage's rails were too big to hold the babies so they were dropping on to the ground, and the dogs were trying to attack the baby rabbits.  I ran to my sister and tried to shoo the dogs away. She was crying, and I felt so bad for not coming to her sooner.   A couple of the baby rabbits died from the attack of our dogs.  I told her I was sorry. We picked up the lifeless bodies of the rabbits and buried them by the lemon tree.

We lived in a place where we saw dead bodies carried up on our street almost every day  because of the crossed gun fires of the previous nights and where because of the war, human lives seemed so unimportant. But that does not means we do not value our lives and the lives of the others.  If the life of a tiny baby rabbits means that much for us to shed tears, then we know we wanted to live, and live with a peaceful happy life.  I wished the war had ended differently, and with a different government even if it meant we would die in the sea or in the jungles as long as we have freedom.  Also many of our soldiers  were jailed and many have died even after the war ended, and we are supposed to have peace in our country.  And let's not forget all the soldiers who have fought and died for the peace and happiness of Vietnam.  I hope one day Viet Nam will have real peace and happiness so all of our tears  had not been shed in vain.

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